We just finished up a new project with Money.com – their first ever Best in Travel story.  This one was a lot of fun and pushed us to work with content outside of our traditional Real Estate roots while still leveraging some of our core datasets.

Finding fun things to do!

On this project, we used our POI and business listings data to help the editors evaluate each travel destination for variety and quality of fun activities, historical locations and tourism attractions.  We also evaluated the accessibility or tourism resources and information.  And of course, we used Onboard’s rich content on the variety and types of restaurants, bars, museums and parks to help find those places that are a pleasure to visit.

Don’t let the travel blues get you down!

Some fun research and new partners for this project were used to evaluate the dark-side of travel.  We included detailed flight bookings, delays, and on-time performance data for every airline and airport as well as reviews and ratings content from Factual.com for hotel quality and average costs.  Because who wants to spend your trip stuck at the airport or fighting with the hotel over accommodations?

How’d we do it?

Behind all the number crunching sits Onboard’s geo-spatial aggregation and area content platform which allows us to easily pull in new datasets, relate them to each other, and generate scoring algorithms.

So what’s holding you back from generating great, data-driven features or finding the fun in your data?

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