Realvolve, a leading provider of workflow and customer relationship management (CRM) services, announced a partnership with Onboard Informatics to integrate AddressReport into their suite of services.    With this addition, Realvolve clients will be able to automatically send personalized property alerts and gain insight into their network so they can better prioritize outreach.

Every alert is personalized around a property of interest. Because of the tailored content, 58% of these emails are opened, double the industry average. In addition, every alert features the contact information the agent that sends it. The alerts are sent automatically on behalf of each agent, but can be customized through the Realvolve dashboard.

Realvolve launched this solution earlier this month with a free 60-day trial for all Realvolve clients.

“The buying process for home-shoppers is now over a year,” said Marc Siden, CEO of Onboard Informatics. “We wanted to provide something to the market that would engage home buyers and sellers until they were ready to make a real decision.”

As part of the AddressReport feature, Realvolve clients will receive insight into which contacts are interacting with content more frequently, so they can clearly see when certain contacts are likely to transact.

“Realvolve is the first intelligent CRM built specifically for agents and brokers,” said Dale Warner, COO of Realvolve. “By offering enhancements like AddressReport that provide our clients more insight into everyone in their network and an easy, effective way to maintain contact, we continue to build on our core value.”

AddressReport scans and interprets hundreds of millions of data points from Onboard to generate elegant property reports that include an agent’s branding information. Visitors can opt-into ongoing alerts on a property or area of interest. The alerts are sent automatically on behalf of agents when something in or around that property changes.

“The dynamic data drives up the engagement rates,” said Scott Petronis, Chief Product Officer of Onboard Informatics. “Over the past year, we’ve seen people spend an average of three minutes engaging with this information. Industry average is 45 seconds. This is reflective of the fact that we’re personalizing content based on properties or areas these people care about using information that is changing, current, and relevant.”

If you are not a current Realvolve client but are interested in the free 60-day trial, visit this site today.

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