Lifestyle Search Engine

Let consumers find their best place to live based on their everyday needs and wants.

If the Internet touches nearly 90% of homes purchased today and most buyers spend weeks online before contacting an agent, your site should deliver an experience that matches the way an agent would conduct a sale:

  • Do you want to live in an area with highly rated schools?
  • Are you looking for an area where home values are rising?
  • How important is a nearby golf course?
  • Do you need an area that is pet friendly?

Today, customers can find their top matches for a place to live online in a way that matches their needs.

How It Works

  • The user selects a target search area such as a state, county or even major metro area.
  • He or she selects the criteria that are most important (i.e., family friendly area, specific home values, culture, shopping and more).
  • Finally the user ranks how important each criteria is in his or her decision.
  • The system finds the best matching places and ranks the results. The user receives a targeted list of places with scores and even the geographic boundaries required to determine which area is truly the best for their needs.

Results are generated based on a set of literally millions of data points. Everything from population demographics, to housing trends, to local points of interest to school ratings and much, much more.

Based on a Decade of Best Places experience

For the past decade, we’ve been been producing data and performing complex analysis to determine the Best Places to Live for some of the nations’ top media companies. We’ve perfected the art and science of determining the Best Places based on demographics, points of interest, ratings and reviews and dozens of other data sets.

Today, we offer this traditionally customized analysis in a very flexible and targeted package through both a web service API and a simple plug-and-play widget.  It may be used on broker websites, MLS websites, real estate portals and any other site or application where lifestyle search is relevant.

The Onboard Advantage

  • Incorporate into Existing Search: The search can be layered onto an existing listings search, added as a new search option or integrated in any number of ways to create a unique and compelling experience and differentiates you from your competition.
  • Human-Centered Search: Allow consumers to search by the way they live, avoiding the limits of how databases can query data.
  • Years of Experience: Onboard’s Lifestyle Search Engine was born from nearly 50 years of combined experience working with community, demographic and geographic content and analysis.
  • Deeply Engaging: Consumers get fully engaged in the search and interactivity of the system “matching” them to their best places, spending more time on site and with your brand.
  • Integrated Suite: The Lifestyle Search Engine quickly integrates to the Listings Search Engine and with all other Onboard content to create the richest user experience available on the market.

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