Community Data

Help visitors truly understand what an area is like with the stats buyers factor into nearly every purchase decision.

Show buyers the cost of living, nearby leisure activities, population growth, climate, crime rates, and more. Our community profiles and demographic data sets help your visitors understand the surroundings of specific neighborhoods with information that influence buyers’ purchase decisions.

Types of information included in Community:

  • Demographics:Includes population, education, ancestry, financial, employment, climate, crime, and language data.
  • Educational Climate Index:Includes the educational performance of an area and the ability to compare to other areas.
  • Cost of Living/Relative Cost Index:Assess the cost of goods in a community relative to the national average with values across 16 categories including insurance, food and beverage, healthcare, entertainment, utilities and personal care costs.
  • Consumer Behavior:Buying attitudes and activities that reveal the true economic activity of a neighborhood.
  • Housing Stability:Residential turnover, residency figures and housing inventory numbers.
  • Employment and Finance:The economic standing of an area with employment statistics, occupational breakdown, household income averages and household net-worths.
  • Historical and Projection Data: Area trends that include demographics, households, educational information and more.

The Benefits of using Community Information through Onboard: 

  • Flexibility: Choose from over 300 types of data to display with control over user interface and experience.
  • SEO: Increase your search engine visibility and rankings with this unique content that’s critical to home-buyers.
  • Engagement: Increase engagement and time on site with more robust content and a superior online experience.
  • Data Accuracy: Onboard’s technology pulls local information from hundreds of sources to provide clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

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