Neighborhood Boundaries & Mapping

Give user engagement a boost with polygon search that shows users the true character of a neighborhood.

Neighborhood Boundaries is a tool that gathers all types of data from local experts to find out what a neighborhood is – its character and invisible “boundaries.” It helps you connect your users with the places that fit them best.

Neighborhood polygons* can be used to draw the shapes of distinct neighborhoods on a map and allow search within those specific regions. Plot local listings, recent home sales, nearby schools and businesses within these neighborhoods and watch your user engagement soar.

Our Neighborhood Boundaries come with a Developer’s Toolkit to give you all the resources to import these files and to provide an outstanding interface for your customers.

Zip code boundaries also available.

The Onboard Advantage

  • Customization: Send us your own neighborhoods and we can geocode them for you.
  • Mapping & Marketing: Let viewers see the shape of neighborhoods while they explore what’s in them. Create your own custom maps with our files to get the hyperlocal marketing advantage.
  • Implementation: Data user guides and sample files are provided for easy implementation, including how to match the boundaries to the neighborhood-level content.
  • Flexibility: Boundaries in your choice of format: .SHP/.E00, .TAB/.MIF, .KML, .DWG, .DGN, .CSV. We will work with you to deliver them in anything other that what you see here.

Delivery Options


  • Onboard can deliver neighborhood files that are compatible with Google Earth, MapInfo, and Arcinfo. Other formats include .DWG, .DGN, and .CSV flat files along with any other custom mapping option.
*Neighborhood boundary data files sourced from Urban Mapping.

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