Points of Interest Data

It’s more than a house that makes a home – proximity to restaurants, banks, or even the closest Starbucks can influence a sale.

Savvy sellers understand that consumers aren’t looking for just a house during their pursuit of a new home. They want to envision their lives in the neighborhood surrounding it.

Implementing Points of Interest alongside your property listings gives the consumer an instant picture of their prospective community and keep them engaged. With local search on the rise, it is imperative to give consumers a reason to stay on your site for all their information needs.

Data Categories

We strip away millions of business-to-business listings that have no relevance to your customers and focus on what matters to homeowners within our database of 5.1 million public and private local establishments:

  • Eateries, Health care, Shopping, Places of Worship, Personal Service, Banks, Travel, Transit, Government Facilities, and more

The Onboard Advantage

  • Mapping: All content is geo-coded, giving you the power to develop innovative maps within your site and generate repeat users.
  • Added Value: Onboard’s content paints an accurate, three-dimensional picture of the world around your listings.
  • Flexibility: The ability to group establishments by line of business or industry and indicate if it is part of a franchise.

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