Prospecting Tools

Staying close to your prospects during the months-long browsing process is key to more closed homes.

If you don’t hook the visitor on their first visit, that’s no reason not to keep in touch. Perhaps they’re just in the research phase. Perhaps they didn’t find their dream home. There are a variety of reasons it may take homebuyers many weeks and months to settle on their decision. Conventional wisdom says you need to follow-up with prospects for six months or more to finally reel them in. In addition, the costs of getting that initial visitor to your site are 5-15 times greater than marketing to someone already in your database.

Once you’ve gone through all the effort and cost to bring the visitor to the site and keep them there, you have to provide many ways for them to sign up for more communications. Typical tools include saved listings, saved searches and new listings in your neighborhood notifications. But there are many other tools that can help to increase sign-ups and provide a variety of ways to follow-up.

All the tools to stay in touch

You can utilize Onboard content not just for display on your site, but for drip marketing campaigns that will give you the contact you need with leads. Allow visitors to sign up for home value estimates to check the value of their home or homes they’re interested in. Better yet, let them know of estimated value changes on listings they’ve saved. Send them emails on value trends in their community to entice them to list. Send them reports on trends in their community or where they’ve searched. Send them updates on price changes, open houses or other relevant updates or modifications to listings they’ve saved.

For even more interaction with prospects, use our content to create custom reports on neighborhoods they are interested in. There are a multitude of ways to automate the use of Onboard content to create relevant and meaningful follow-up that keeps you in the forefront of people’s sights and shows your understanding of their needs.

Our offerings that can serve a dual purpose of on-site and follow up engagement:

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