User Engagement and Conversion

Searchers expect immediate value from a destination site or mobile application.

Once you have visitors, it’s hard to keep them. With typical bounce rates approaching 70% and 80%, it’s easy to see that searchers expect to immediately get value from a website or mobile page. Moreover, keeping visitors on your site for longer than a minute is equally daunting. So how do you improve these numbers?

If everyone has the same listings via IDX, how do you stand out from the rest? One way is by allowing your visitors to explore the areas you serve from schools and activities, to the characteristics of their potential neighbors. Having reliable data on the vital information consumers want can instantly foster trust between you and your visitor.

But it takes more than that. Really engaging people means giving them a fresh search experience and the power to find their “best place.”

Take property search to the next level

Today’s standard listings search involves basic variations of the same old theme. Beds, baths, price, and basic geography search are the search parameters. In more and more cases, there’s even a map. But the search itself hasn’t fundamentally changed and people still find listings only to realize they’re too far from work; the neighborhood’s not right for their lifestyle; the schools aren’t what they’re looking for. So the user repeats until frustrated and moves on – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Become an innovator in local search

You can engage people in the home and neighborhood search process. Allow them to tailor their search to their very specific wants and needs. Allow them to find their dream neighborhood and home in an engaging and interactive process just like the process they go through when speaking to an agent. How important are schools to you? What do you like to do for fun? Do you have pets? Where do you work and what sort of commute would you like? And finally, what is your ideal home like?

Onboard pioneered “Best Places to Live” nearly a decade ago. Today, we can help provide an engaging means of locating the best communities for each individual and much more. The key is to get people engaged, keep them engaged and dramatically improve the likelihood they convert to opportunities, not just passing visitors.

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