User Insights

Businesses need quality information on their site visitors and leads, but quality analytics that can drive actual business decisions are hard to come by. Our content and listings don’t stop at driving and engaging traffic; we can also dig deep to give you valuable insights on both leads and property search trends.

Give your agents the right tools to start a conversation

On most consumer-facing websites, chances are the agent will receive some basic information: email address, name and possibly information on what properties their client is interested in. An agent then begins a conversation to find out what the buyer is interested in, what areas they are looking in, and how their interests will shape the search process.

What if this information was already attached to the lead? What if you knew your prospect’s interests, search preferences (beyond just beds, baths and price), and how they changed those preferences throughout their search?

Once the user is engaged in a relevant search experience, they provide immensely valuable insight into what’s important to them and precisely where they want to live. Now you can use this information to start a meaningful and fruitful conversation out of the gate.

Products with customer profiling capabilities:

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