The Onboard Informatics Local Overview provides the most up-to-date data by drawing from an extensive array of sources. Our dedicated team puts our data through rigorous, quality control processes to provide clients with the most accurate information on the market. The Local Overview data set is then aggregated to multiple geography levels, including Census Tract, Neighborhood, Zip, City/Place, County and State levels.

Rather than standardizing which data points we supply to our clients, we offer them the flexibility to choose the information they would like to utilize. There are more than 387 attributes available to choose from.

  217,740 census block groups
  73,057 census tracts
  35,426 county subdivisions
  33,002 residential zip codes
  29,297 places
  3,143 counties
  50 states – plus Washington D.C.
Update Frequency:  
  Annual.  All current data represents 2014 actual or estimated.
Available Geography Levels:  
  County Subdivision
  Census Designated Place
  Ask us about our other geographies! (PZ, TR, BG, CB, SAZ)
  Increase your search engine visibility, rankings, time on site and lead generation by providing homebuyers with community information directly on your site.
  Combine our School, POI and Home Sales Trending data sets to add depth to your website strategy.
  Well organized, processed for accuracy, updated and delivered in highly standardized and well-documented formats for easy database integration.
  Overlay community statistics on maps to provide a better user experience.
  Developers can easily create widgets, community comparisons, pie charts and much more.


Below are available categories for our Local Overview data set:

  • Population:  Total Population, Seasonal Population, Population Change and Projections, Age Breakdown, Male/Female, Median Age
  • Ancestry: Ethnic origin and heritage
  • Ethnicity:  Race, Hispanic/Non-Hispanic, including history and projections
  • Languages: Primary language spoken in households, including change over time
  • Education:  Level of education achieved, Educational Climate Index
  • Housing:  Owned/Rented/Vacant, Median Dwelling Age, Median Home Sale Price
  • Households:  Total #, Family/Non-Family, Average Size, Median/Average Income, Household Income Breakdown, Expenditures, Net Worth
  • Income:  Median by Age Group, Median Disposable Income, Per Capita Income, Median/Average Household Income
  • Employment:  Blue Collar vs. White Collar, Employee Count by Role & Industry
  • Transportation: Commute to Work by Type, Average Travel Time to Work
  • Crime:  Total Risk and Risk Breakdown by Crime Type
  • Temperature:  Average High and Low, Weather Risk Indexes
  • Miscellaneous:  Closest sports teams and universities, Gross Rent Estimates – Studio to Four Bedroom, and more…