At Onboard, we transform information on homes, communities, schools and people into powerful solutions that support informed decisions.

Onboard provides the most up‐to‐date data by drawing from an extensive array of sources. Not only do we use publicly available data sources but we also gather data from scores of private content providers. Our dedicated team integrates the raw data using a variety of proprietary processes and techniques developed throughout the last 13 years.

With 65% of home buyers being married couples, you can expect that schools will play an important part in their decision making process. Our school and district profiles can help families understand the local schools by providing them with in‐depth school statistics as well as recent school reviews and ratings.

With detailed information on 125,000+ public and private schools and districts throughout the US. School Reports are very important tools to help families understand the educational environment and opportunities in a given area. Our school and district profiles have over 95 fields giving clients the ability to choose which data points will be most useful to their end users. There is data on the presence of specific programs and classes, i.e. Before and After School Programs, AP classes, International Baccalaureate, as well as statistics concerning the enrollment, grade span, teaching staff, class size and much more. With quarterly updates to this data users are sure to be factoring in the most recent statistics.

Onboard’s partnerships with School Digger and Niche means that clients get the most recent content to incorporate into their website and all of the content relates back to a specific school in our data set. Since this content is provided in bulk it can reside completely on the client’s site – there is no need to link off to another site. Ratings and reviews are updated on a monthly basis and will provide a client’s website with the type of user generated content that can increase SEO.



  • Over 125,000 public and private schools
  • 81,000+ School Test Score Ratings
  • Approximately 358,445 School Reviews
  • 47,000+ School Ratings

Content Categories:

  • School & District Profile
  • School Programs
  • State Test Scores
  • School Test Score Ratings
  • School Ratings & Reviews

Update Frequency:

  • School/District Profile – Quarterly
  • School Programs – Quarterly
  • Test Scores – Quarterly
  • School Test Score Ratings – Monthly
  • School Reviews & Ratings – Monthly


  • Flat file via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Increase your domain authority by incorporating school ratings and reviews with school profile information.
  • Custom Aggregations – School ratings are aggregated to the Geographic aggregates are created so that users can see what the quality of schools is like in a specific area.
  • Content Integrity – All of our school content, which comes from various sources, is standardized and can be easily linked together.
  • Increase Site Traffic – Our data can reside on a client’s site so that the user does not have to link off to another site for this valuable content.
  • Freedom to Customize – Clients can choose a number of different implementations around School search. Enable map-based search for individual school listings or provide detailed school profile pages.
  • Up-to-date Information – With monthly and quarterly updates of our school profiles and test scores clients do not need to worry about having stale data on their site.


Below are the available content categories for our School data. Under each category is a small sampling of the current fields.

School/District Profile:

  • Address Information
  • District Information
  • Educational Climate
  • Grade Span
  • Enrollment by grade
  • Instructional Expense per Pupil
  • Technology Measure
  • Advanced Placement
  • Student/Teacher Ratio
  • Change in Enrollment
  • And much more…

School Test Scores:

  • Year
  • Subject
  • Grade
  • Measure

School Test Score Ratings:

  • School Test Rating (0-5)

School Ratings & Reviews:

  • Review
  • Reviewer Rating (1-5)
  • Average Quality
  • Average Principal Rating
  • Average Teacher Rating
  • Average Parent Rating
  • Average Athletics Rating
  • Average Facilities Rating
  • And many more…

Application by Industry

Onboard data can be used by a variety of industries for a variety of purposes. Below are examples of those industries.

  • Real Estate Brokerages: One of the most important factors buyers consider when looking to buy a house is how the local schools are performing. Your website should have the most recent school information. Our extensive school information will provide home buyers with all they need to know about the local neighborhood schools. All profiles, ratings and reviews can be accessible from your site – the user will not need to link off to another website.
  • Value Added Resellers: Members of our Value Added Reseller program can provide their clients with even more take advantage of our detailed school information. This partnership allows technology developers to focus their attention on the detail of building web pages rather than content collections, standardization and aggregation. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you have all the necessary tools to successfully implement our school data.
  • MLS: Our School data brings the most reliable and comprehensive school data to MLS agent portals and REALTOR ® consumer-facing websites. Combined with our other data sets, agent portals and consumer-facing sites become powerful local community information portals for consumers to use during and after the home-buying process.
  • Publishing & Media: Onboard powers many of the most well-known ‘Best of’ stories both online and in print. Publishers use our highly accurate and up-to-date school data to create compelling and highly trafficked editorial content. School information is often a very important input to any analysis that is done for a story. Our team works with clients to analyze our extensive data and bring towns, cities and neighborhoods to life.
  • Mobile: Our data can be utilized in mobile applications or websites. School content can be used to provide users with the relevant information about a local community.

How to Best Utilize Onboard’s Data

Following are tips on ways to maximize the effectiveness of Onboard’s local school data.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Create a Better User Experience:

Below are descriptions of our data and suggestions for how to display it in ways that best consider the needs of your consumers and enhance their experience on your site. Included are the following table layouts:

  • School Profile – This file contains content for our School profile. In it you will find 100 data points relating to an individual school. Also included in this file is the School Test Rating.

    Our School profiles are updated quarterly.

  • Programs – This file details selected programs / resources that the institution is staffed to support. Staffing for a program does not guarantee that it will be offered. This content is provided by the institution and may be incomplete – most institutions provide many programs that may not be indicated in this dataset. We suggest that when this data is displayed to end users, that they are encouraged to contact a knowledgeable Realtor or the institution directly for additional details.

    School Programs are updated quarterly.

  • District Profile – This file contains the data for our district profiles.

    District profiles are updated quarterly.

  • School Measures (Test Scores) – This file contains the data for our test scores data package.

    Test scores are updated quarterly.

  • Measure Type (Test Types) – This file contains the descriptions for each distinct Measure Type in the School Measures package.

    Test types are updated quarterly.

  • School Reviews – This file contains the data for our School Reviews package. School Reviews are categorized by the following topics: Academics, Educational Outcomes, Overall Experience, Student Culture & Diversity and Teachers.

    School Reviews are updated on a monthly basis.

  • School Ratings – This file contains the data for our School Ratings data package. School Ratings are provided by any of the following groups: Parent/Guardian, Teacher, Staff, Administrator, Student or Former Student. There are 14 categories that users can leave ratings for.

    School Ratings are updated on a monthly basis.