Engagement + with Nurture

The Engagement + Nurture Package includes everything in our Engagement + Package with automatic nurture campaigns.  When a lead comes into the system, they receive periodic alerts on their property of interest with your branding and contact information.  This is an effective way to keep leads engaged over a long period of time.

What you Get:

  • Improved content on your pages
  • Additional Lead Capture
  • Landing Pages Designed to Convert Home-Sellers
  • Qualification Quizes on Lead Capture to give you Better Insight on Every Lead
  • Automatic Lead Nurture System
  • The Ability to Engage and Nurture your Existing Network

What you can Expect:

  • Visitors will spend more time on your site
  • Lower bounce rate
  • More leads (including home-sellers)
  • Bigger online footprint and better SEO
  • Instant and consistent follow-up with every lead
  • Immediate notifications when a lead comes in
  • Deeper insight into every lead
  • More home-sellers for your agents
  • Ability to reengage network or former leads

The Engagement + Nurture Package Includes everything in the Engagement + Package Along with Ongoing Nurture Capabilities 

To view a live example of our ongoing nurture alerts, go to AddressReport.com and sign up for alerts.  These alerts are getting double industry open and click-through rates.  When you sign up for our engagement system, these alerts will include your branding and contact information.