Better Drip Marketing


Introducing the first data-driven drip marketing system for real estate. AddressReport automatically sends alerts to your contacts when things change to a property they care about.

AddressReport sends personal alerts to your contacts so you stay in front of them through a growing sales cycle.  These data-driven alerts provide critical information home buyers and sellers care about.

  • ENGAGE YOUR PROSPECTS – Instantly and automatically deliver local information like recent home sales and life changes like air quality and crime
  • INFORM YOUR SALES TEAM – Get back key metrics on interactions so your sales team see when prospects are most likely to transact
  • RE-ENERGIZE KEY CONTACTS – Target a variety of groups with this system: your network, old leads, and fresh prospects coming into your system
  • GET BETTER OPEN AND CLICK THROUGH RATES – These personalized and relevant alerts get double the open and click through rates than industry average.

AddressReport drip marketing integrates seamlessly with your existing website and CRM system.  Keep your leads engaged and convert more to clients with this sophisticated, innovative drip marketing system.