Capture More Leads

AddressReport widgets give visitors another reason to engage with your brand and convert to a lead.  The widgets are easy to obtain and plug in anywhere you want to attract and convert more leads for your business.  Put these widgets on  property pages, listings,  landing pages, social platforms and more.  Visitors who click on these widgets will provide their basic contact information and will be emailed an elegant AddressReport on a property of their interest.  AddressReport widgets are simply the easiest and most straightforward way to drive more qualified leads to your business.


  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR ADDRESSREPORT WIDGET – This turnkey system enables you to design the AddressReport widget that fits best with your site, brand, or mobile application.  These widgets are simply plug-in and require no development work.
  • RECEIVE YOUR UNIQUE CODE FOR TRACKING –  You will receive a unique code to input into your site or mobile application.
  • GET MORE QUALIFIED LEADS – Get instant notifications when a lead comes into the system and ongoing tracking to measure the success of the program.

If you’re looking for something easy and effective to plug into your site and get more results, the AddressReport widgets are a great place to start.  Ask us about our free trial program for those who qualify.