Attract More Qualified Leads

Our engagement system includes designed creative and keywords to help social and paid search.  Drive these leads to landing pages provided by Onboard designed to convert and qualify real estate leads for your business.


  • Offers valuable content in return for their contact information
  • Featured an effective hook with elegant property reports


  • Include provided creative and keywords in your digital marketing
  • Links drive leads to hosted landing pages featuring your brand
  • Landing pages capture relevant details of each visitor through exclusive qualification quizzes
  • Leads are automatically emailed a free property report and are subscribed to ongoing alerts when property or market conditions change
  • You instantly receive a notification with lead details when a lead enters the system
  • New qualified leads can be immediately contacted and/or nurtured through the system until they are ready to transact

Our data-driven engagement system provides the critical information home buyers and sellers are looking for.  Incorporate this robust content into your digital marketing to generate, engage, and convert more leads for your business.